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Boozy Biddies Talk Wine & Spirits

May 25, 2023

The biddies explore the phenomenon of cult wine. While there are cult wines from around the world, the phenomenon is thought to have started with Californian wines, primarily California cabs. The biddies look at a few of these highly sought after wines, such as Screaming Eagle, Harlan Estate and Opus One.

Show notes:

May 18, 2023

Also entitled “How to Steal Fancy Wine from Restaurants and Warehouses”... the biddies detail some more ridiculous and incredible wine heists from recent years, including one from famous Californian restaurant French Laundry, and one in which the Royal Family’s own wine was stolen and the thieves toasted...

May 11, 2023

The biddies discuss what it takes to steal $5 Million worth of wine and lay out the details of some of history’s biggest wine heists. Tune in to hear all about the seedy underworld of forklift operators as well as the best (or worst) wine thief who literally replaced $370 wine bottles with Charles Shaws’ Two Buck...

May 4, 2023

The biddies explore a classic cocktail and Kentucky Derby favorite: the mint julep. It turns out there’s a lot more to the history of mint juleps than meets the eye. Learn about the origin of the mint julep and how it became the cocktail it is today (and by the way, it wasn’t always made with bourbon). (This episode...